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Publishing / 2017 Speed Dating Events

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Good morning!

I have 3 games that have been playtested thoroughly and consider ready to present to publishers.

I've tried my best to research how to show my games to publishers but seeing as I can't find many publishers' contact information online, I presume meeting them in person at Origins or Gen-Con may be best.

Two questions:
1. When you try to present your games to publishers, what has been successful? Do you contact them before cons? Try to set up something during cons? How do you even get their contact information?

2. I've been googling 2017 publisher speed dating at Origins and Gen Con and haven't found anything. Do you know if / when this would happen?

Thanks a bunch!
- Andrew

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Always contact them ahead of

Always contact them ahead of time. More than this, most publisher speed dating events are based on a schedule and that schedule is made by the person running the event, not the publishers themselves.

Join this facebook group as the GenCon and BGGCon speed dating events are announced and scheduled through it :

James Mathe arranges most of these events.

Another great way to meet publishers and other designers who may be able to put you into contact with publishers is through the various Protospiel events held throughout the year.

For a list of publishers and how to contact them, go here:
There is a list of publishers and links to their websites and/or contact information.

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Thanks for the info! You say

Thanks for the info!

You say to contact them ahead of time. How do you typically do that? Many of the publishers that I've looked at don't have contact information available on their website.


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Here is another list

As BGDF Moderator, I am also the Admin of our "short" list of game Publishers...

Here is the link:

You can take a look here and find out more lists in the comment section below.


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