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Publishing Card Game

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I have a card game that I'm playtesting at the moment but I've also started looking into where to get it printed.
I live in England and it seems like the only card printers I can find online are in the US which makes postal charges very high.
I'm wary that I need to keep the cost of production down so that I can retail the game at a reasonable price but it seems impossible to do.
I have emailed guild of blades to see what their prices are but they have not responded.
I've checked out Superior POD but their website is down right now and they are in the US.
I've also checked out Artscow but they charge too much per deck and are also in the US.

I'm happy to buy a die cutter and produce the cards myself if this is a more cost effective method but I don't know what I'm looking for in a die cutter, which parts will need replacing after repeated use etc.

Can anyone tell me if it is possible to produce a card game in England without selling it to a major publisher and if so, how?

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Have you looked at the Game

Have you looked at the Game Crafter? []. They are another print on demand service. They are pretty new to the game, but seem to be doing pretty well. They will print and sell to you at close to cost (plus a handling fee), or they also have a online store where they can sell your stuff over the internet and pay you royalties based on sale. The website is pretty thorough and easy to navigate, so give them a look. I personally have not used them, so I can't vouch for quality, but reception has been respectable. I think there was a thread on them over at BGG.

If you are looking into getting a die cutter, be careful buying online. A lot of the online shopping results you get are for scrapbookers, and don't really do cards well if at all. They are relatively pretty cheap (which looks good up front), but totally useless for your purposes because they cut out shapes, but don't allow you to line up an image printed on the paper. I think they are designed to cut shapes out of decorative papers. Just make sure the product you are purchasing can do what you want.

As for replacement, from the little research I've done, the only part that typically needs replacement is the cutting surface. The dies tend to hold up and whatnot.

If possible, a print on demand service is going to be your most cost effective, I think.

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Yeah . . .

I can't imagine buying the hardware to do it yourself would be cost effective if you want the results to look really nice.

Superior POD definitely looked like decent prices, especially if you don't need too many cards, and are making a lot of copies. I can't imagine the shipping becomes too prohibitive . . . but it's probably the worst with a small, but still pretty large print run.

I thought Artscow was in China.

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>>I have emailed guild of

>>I have emailed guild of blades to see what their prices are but they have not responded.<<

Sorry for not responding to your e-mail yet. We are operating at maximum capacity at the moment and e-mail correspondance falls behind somewhat at times like this. We are also, by necessity, only accepting a small number of new clients on a case by case basis at the moment, as the bulk of our capacity is being spent doing print jobs for our existing client base. This is likely to remain the case for the next few months, until some custom build machinery being made specifically for our POD operation can be completed, tested and brought online.

Pricing and layout specs, however, are online and can be found on our POD Card pages at:

We maintain a Yahoogroup for our POD Card services. It is a good place to join to ask general questions or to chat with others that have previously used our service. The link to join can also be found using the link above.

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