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A question about bar codes

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The Question Marc
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I read this and came down to the segment about the box and bar codes. I decided to acquire one for my own game, however after doing some small research there seems to be two different types of bar codes that can be used, UPC or EAN.

Is there a major difference to use one over the other? And if so, what is that difference?

Thanks in advance ;)


I Will Never Gr...
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EAN has 13 numbers, UPC has 12 ..

In it's most basic form, there is no difference in the barcode itself, only in the human readable number underneath.

Here's a good explaination of the two from

"if you are currently doing business in the United States and Canada exclusively, it is safer to order UPC barcodes for your products. Many retailers, especially smaller retailers may be using older accounting and inventory systems that only allow them to enter in 12 digit UPC numbers and not a 13 digit string. If this changes in the future, you can convert your 12 digit UPC to a 13 digit EAN by adding in the country code 0. There is nothing on the horizon indicating that the US and Canada will ever switch over to EAN 13 barcodes"


" US and Canada have a a country code of zero which is not printed under the barcode nor is it entered in US and Canadian Inventory and Point of Sale Databases."

I Will Never Gr...
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"“U.P.C. Version A” and “EAN-13” are and always have been 13 character symbols and the numbers themselves have always been 13 characters long. The U.P.C. (Version A) symbol and the EAN13 symbol are essentially one and the same. They both have the same number of bars and spaces."

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Thank You

I'm glad you have decided to never grow up.... because the wisdom you just posted is priceless. Thank you so much.

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