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Questions about cards and box quality

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I am talking with a game manufacturer regarding a quote for production but I am completely rookie in this this matter. I would like the game to have a great quality specially in the cards.

These are the specs the manufacturer sent to me for approval:

Playing Cards 64*89 mm 4C+4C 300gsm C2S Poker oil coating, shrink-wrapped

I am concerned about the cardstock. Is 300gsm hard enogh? What other games around there use that kind of cards?

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So here's something I've

So here's something I've found. I used to think that 300gsm was 300gsm. Not so. One manufacturer's 300gsm may be another's 250gsm or 400gsm in PERCEIVED thickness. I'm not saying some are trying trick you or that there isn't a standard, obviously. What I've found is that the coating or embossing on cards play a major role in it's snapback and perceived thickness/quality. I've ordered 300gsm cards from many sources, and every single one of them feels different. Even what you're saying here might have variability, as C2S (Kallima coating, I presume?) comes in different varieties from 8pt to 14pt. I have no idea about the "oil coating".

My advice is to ask for a free sample, and see how the quality is. If it's good enough per price for you, then I wouldn't worry about exactly how it stacks up to other manufacturers' 300gsm. If it's not the quality you want, try a higher gsm or different coating from the same manufacturer, or try the 300gsm from a different manufacturer. See if they have a sample packet. LudoFact gave me a great minibooklet with about 10 different cardstock samples all pinned together.

Joined: 01/22/2014
Thanks, BENargy. It seems

Thanks, BENargy. It seems that we will need to wait until the publisher send us a sample. We asked them about the color core of the card stock and they tell us that they have it but it will increase the production cost if we use that kind of stock. This make us wonder if it will be needed. The cards in our game are in the deck or face up in the table (you don't have your cards in your hand) so we don't know if the costs are worth.

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