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Questions about pricing, rules printing, box printing and others for a 130 cards game

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Hello all,

My game has 130 cards.

Where could I get a good price per deck (poker size) for:
1. Prototype 1 - 1-10 decks
2. Prototype 2 - 10-30 decks
3. Final order - 30-600 decks

Which websites/companies do you recommend?

Also, for those of you that have published card games: how thick would be a deck of 130 cards made of 300gsm paper, in cm? How about a deck made of plastic?

I am interested in the thickness as well due to the large number of cards.


Regarding the rules, I think it has been discussed, but should I print the rules and cards at the same company? Or should I split?

I think I might have to print a custom box. What website/company offers that for a good price?

Other publishing questions:

1. Where can I get a rating for my game? Is there an authority that gives these audience min age (like 12+, 16+, 18+)?

2. Did you pay for the fonts used in the text/logo of your game? If yes, what kind of license did you buy?

3. Do you have any tips on how to formulate a feedback form that the play testers will be willing and happy to fill?
I am currently thinking of some sort of web form but I am not sure about the questions content, number of questions, how many options each question should have, etc.

Thank you in advance for your help!

Nick Taylor
Joined: 03/31/2014
Card thickness

A deck of 54 cards is about 3/4 of an inch or 1.9 cm. That means 130 cards in one stack is about 4.6 cm.

I have ordered prototypes though printerstudio, and print on demand games through Drivethrucards. Both are a good quality. You can print your deck from drive thru cards for about $11 on premium card stock. Superior POD is another one to look at, they have boxes too.

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my experiences.

I have used both Artscow and Printerstudio for C3G heroscape rectangle cards in the past and recently. For larger decks PS is cheaper as Artscow just charge you for another deck of 54 where PS gets cheaper the more cards you have in a deck and go up in multiples of 18. Artscow tends to give me better coloring but PS isn't bad by any means but there is a difference side by side. PS is usually quicker on the shipping as well. I did have an issue with some cards sticking together on an artcow delivery but the offered to fix it.

Joined: 09/14/2013
Thank you both for the useful

Thank you both for the useful information!

Do you or anyone else have any tips on the other 3 questions for which I'm trying to find an answer?

Nick Taylor
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Whether you buy the font of not, you need to check the license. Many free fonts not free for commercial use (which your game would be if you sell it). If you download the font it often comes in a zip format with a file called "readme.txt" or "licence.txt", check those for the terms.

I haven't published a game, but I have spoken with about using one of their free fonts for commercial use. The terms were very reasonable, $40 for the commercial license. I'd suggest that site, for comic book type fonts at least.

Nick Taylor
Joined: 03/31/2014
Other questions (Ages, Feedback)

Age Rankings: I don't think an authority age ranks your games, those aren't like movie ratings but more guidelines. Maybe someone here knows of a good blog post on how to come up with that. I would imagine it's a combination of these factors:
- Marketing: Who is your target audience. If you go 4+ will adults anticipate your game is fun. If you go 13+ will families with children give you a pass.
- Reading Requirements
- Logic Requirements
- Age Appropriate Art - Blood dripping vampire fangs are 13+, but your cover will probably tell me not to get it for my 6 year old.

I have four kids, three of game playing ages. If you give us some details about your game I'm sure I and many other people on here could help you pick the age range based on other published games we own.

I haven't done this, but I imagine Google forms would work very well if you had to use the web.

Joined: 09/14/2013
Hello Nick and thank you for

Hello Nick and thank you for your answer. Sorry I didn't reply earlier.

My game is an adult only game, that is why I was asking about a rating authority. Thank you for your explanation as I am sure other people would be interested as well. I will make sure it will be clearly visible on the box.

Regarding feedback, in general, I am finding this especially difficult to get, considering the nature of the game.

I was thinking of different ways to ask questions to obtain better insight and was wondering whether someone had any experience with it.

If I manage to get some good feedback I will post my findings here as well in terms of how to create the feedback form and questions.

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I too have had great success

I too have had great success with PrinterStudio for prototype cards.

I even crafted a set of Triple Triad cards through them!

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Joined: 09/25/2013
I actually did an (almost

I actually did an (almost exactly) 130 card game. Game Crafter as always is fine, but I'd probably recommend Print Play Games ( When you're printing 600 copies, presumably for Kickstarter, I'd look at Panda GM. They usually have minimum of 1500 unites, but might be able to negotiate. Either way, it wouldn't hurt at that point (600 units), to have more, because it will be cheaper than ordering 600 copies through a POD service, and you can always find places to sell the excess copies.

Regarding rules, they should be printed at the same place. Especially at 600 copies, you don't want to have to assemble all of those. The company you work with (eg Panda) will be able to measure the size of box you need, including their rules page and cards.

The age range is decided on by you. BUT VERY IMPORTANT! Age rankings, especially if you order from overseas, aren't based just on content of the game, but also on importing taxes. For example, a 12+ game has more testing of components for toxins than a 13+ game.

I wouldn't bother buying fonts. You can always find tons of free fonts online. Only if you want a custom font that is super flourish or looks specifically like something particular should you buy one. Even Magic: The Gathering up to this year used Matrix, a font that is prepackaged with every PC ever sold.

Playtest forms depend on how you organizing play tests. More info would help!

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