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Quick question about the recommended game ages.

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Let's say you have a game that has a recommended game age of 8+

Does this mean an 8 year old should be able to open the box, read the instructions, and play the game. Or does this mean that an 8 year old can play, but may need someone to teach them how to play the game.


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If it says "8+" on the box,

If it says "8+" on the box, an eight year old should be able to "PLAY" the game.

If I look at some of the game I own that are labeled "8+", my guess is that an eight year old should be able to play it with someone explaining the game. Depending on the difficulty of the rules and how well they are written and the experience in playing games, the same eight year old may not need someone to explain the game...


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good question. I have

good question.

I have always assumed the + indicated a need for some adult input and not necessarily that the game would suit an older age group.

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With German game publishers,

With German game publishers, 8+ simply means that people ages 8 and up can play the game. I don't believe it necessarily means that an 8-year-old must be able to learn the game alone with the rules.
Otherwise, Haba would be in trouble with all their 3+ and 5+ games!

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