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Re: Forum Post Aspiring Designer Business Cards for Convention

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Compressed TKL Business Card (Front).jpg
TKL David Business Card

Oops, realized I couldn't attach the images to my Reply. Here is the business card I had quickly made for GenCon. Feedback appreciated:

A friend referred me to Fiverr, and I quickly got these designed ($5 for logo and $5 for the card itself). I don't have the time to do anything else with them before I need them made (we are on a 3-day vacation this weekend). But I would appreciate any feedback you all have on them. (My wife quickly told me the colors are kinda bright and don't match the "theme" of the game, high fantasy, but I was going for something that is bright and pops out.) These aren't final and are only for GenCon cards and WashingCon.

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Like the Logo. I recommend

Like the Logo. I recommend putting your cell number, address, website, and social media accounts (if you have them.) There's no reason not to be reachable!

I'd consider removing the Goals as this will change and you can talk to it, in person.

Good luck and have fun!

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