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Recommend me a publisher

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Joined: 08/12/2012

If I say Mayfair Games is the ideal publisher for my game, except for the fact that they don't distribute in Germany, which other publisher might fit the bill?

Or in general: Which publishers have broad distribution in both UK and Germany?

I will of course greatly appreciate your response!

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There was a list of publisher

There was a list of publisher here on BGDF but also on BGG. You might want to check those list first.

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Mayfair Games has a really "broad" catalogue. Even cutting out the things they simply distribute, they range from family games like the Settlers of Catan series, to gamers' games like A Few Acres of Snow and from Rise of Empires, and they also have light games like Hey, That's My Fish and Shear Panic.
Since may european companies have really well defined catalogues, I think it's really difficult to give you an advice without knowing at least the target and the genre of your game...

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Joined: 08/12/2012
Thanks for your comments!

Thanks for your comments!

I realize now, that my first post is a bit vague. The reasons Mayfair fit the bill:

They have broad distribution in the UK ( Meaning their games are widely available throughout the UK.

Since my game is one based on historical events involving mainly UK and Germany (USA on a very distant 3rd place), ideally, I would like to approach a publisher with broad established distribution in those two countries.

Complexity-wise, the game is a family game (~ min. age 10), and the theme should work for most publishers (I don't find it difficult to "sell" the game to any, but the most specialized publishers).

Target: UK & German citizens mainly
Genre: Family game (age 10 and up)
Theme: Historical
Playtime: 1h to 1h 30min
Number of players: 3 - 5

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