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Results: What's important to you when looking at a game on Kickstarter

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Frank West
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Last week I posted a survey asking people "What’s important to you when looking at a board game on Kickstarter?" and wow did people have opinions!

I was amazed by the results with over 20,000 answers being submitted!

Over 800 people have contributed their thoughts and I have spent hours going through the data and I'm no where near done yet. In fact there is so much data I have decided to start a Kickstarter Advice section on my website detailing the findings which I'll be adding to over the next few months.

The overall scores

There are many ways to analyse this data but the overall scores seem like a good thing to share as these simply show the order of importance and how much more important some things are than others.

The scores range from -652 (least important) all the way up to 1120 (most important), where 0 represents no interest either way.

Score | Item
1120 - A short overview of the game
1076 - What’s in the box
946 - Artwork
816 - A detailed explanation of the game
734 - Original game mechanics
652 - Kickstarter price is less than MSRP
600 - Access to the rule book
470 - Third party review
414 - Stretch goals
325 - The game is on Board Game Geek
298 - Project video
285 - Creator has run previous projects
283 - Recognising third party reviewers
177 - Information about the team
104 - Photos of playtests
-1 - Exclusives
-170 - Access to digital prototypes
-310 - Miniatures
-390 - Creator has a social following
-625 - Early bird option
-652 - Social goals

*Warning: There is a lot of data behind the average scores and they should only be used as a starting point for research. For example, if an item received 50% of votes saying “very important” and 50% saying “make it go away”, the average score would be 0. I will be diving into this detail on my website.*

The most interesting result to me was the importance of Exclusives which had a near split of 1/3 wanting it to go away, 1/3 not caring and 1/3 saying it was very important, giving an overall score of -1.

Feel free to ask any questions and let me know if there are comparisons you would like to see. I have already started looking into "creators vs backers" and "regions of the world" and you can see the breakdowns here but there is much more to review.

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