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Reviews of Prototypes?

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I had a thought and wanted to see if this was something that was a normal practice...

I have a few games that I think are in good shape to show to publishers. However, I was thinking about seeing if some reasonably well-known game reviewer(s) might take a look at them so I could put a quote or two in a blurb about the game (when introducing myself to publishers). Is that ever done? Will reviewers look at games that have no immediate publication plans? Any experiences to share? Thanks!

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Reviewers tend to post their

Reviewers tend to post their rules or "submission guidelines" on their websites. The reviewers I know have the goal to inform their readers or viewers about a game by sharing the rules, playing a couple of sample turns (or even entire games) so their audience gets a feel of the game and -- by the end -- knows whether it's something they'd like to buy.

Based on that, I think it's unlikely a reviewer would look at a game that has no certainty of reaching that audience yet.

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I think dice tower will do

I think dice tower will do 'paid previews' of games that are in prototype stage. Not sure if that's what your looking for. I think they said they wouldn't say they didn't like a game but they won't lie and say its great if it isn't either.

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donut2099 wrote:
I think dice tower will do 'paid previews' of games that are in prototype stage.

Specifically these type of *reviews* are designed for people interested in Kickstarters. What they accomplish is demonstrate HOW the game is played and then some of the COOL factors.

So you could expect someone explaining how the game is played and then they would do some selling of your game talking about what they found interesting in your game.

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