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Hi Everybody,

I am starting to work with publishers and I am having trouble with my file format. I used inkscape to create all of my cards. I sent my files to the printer and I was told that my files are in RGB and they need to be in Hi Res CMYK. Can anyone help me figure out how to make the conversion?


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well inkscape isnt really the print industry standard, and it doesnt export tiffs or pdfs in cmyk on windows. there are patches out there for linux users, so if you are using linux then here you go:

But, if you run windows or mac, then look into getting the adobe creative suite, especially if you are running an LLC now. It's a tax write-off as a business expense.

If you are afraid of having to do all the work over again, photoshop can convert files into cmyk by simply going File>Document Color Mode. So sure, there would be an out of pocket expense for the software, but you wouldn't have to do it over again.

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