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Joined: 02/21/2016

Good morning,

We are a group of 3D digital sculptors and games creators.

Now we are entering into an adventure: we are trying to publish our first game on kickstarter, in a particular way: we inserted an innovation that we hope will be appreciated by people: it's probably the first board game that is made to be entirely printed with anyone's own 3D printer.

I must admit that it is really difficult, but I hope it can open a world to others who want to take this adventure.

hope will interest you, I'll try to keep you updated.

We give you a link

inside you can also find a small video explaining the game mechanics.

it is still a strategy game with chess.
taking advantage of the hexagonal boxes, but the hexagons have on them the directions that restrict the movements. with the addition of some special powers of the characters.

Thank you for your attention,
looking forward a reply, with my best regards

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Welcome to BGDF, and good luck with the Kickstarter.

I haven't yet looked into the game play but what I see looks like a very expensive print & play. I don't have a 3D printer, so can't really take advantage of what you are offering.

I like the look of the sculpts though!

Joined: 02/21/2016

unfortunately it is true for people without already a 3d printer for other reasons is an unreachable project, but for us it was the best way to go, if all goes well it is possible that it will be re-launched a physical version in the future

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