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Sell Sheets

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(I'm not sure if this in the right forum, but)

What's a sell sheet?

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Sell Sheet / Spec Sheet, same thing

Sell Sheet is the right term. I call mine Spec Sheets, here's a bit about what I say about them in my book, "Paid to Play: The Business of Game Design"

"This could be the one most important document that gets your game idea viewed and given careful consideration. It can alternately be called a ‘one sheet’ or ‘b-sheet’; the title I prefer is ‘spec sheet’.
A spec sheet is a one-page flyer that covers all the details of your game in a quick-to-read format for the ‘gatekeepers’ at the game companies. Because this one page can give them all the information they need to make their decision to review your game further or to pass, it has become a popular tool for communicating with the busy game manufacturer."

In one page, you are trying to capture all the information you would normally find on the box of a game, i.e. all the information you would need to make an informed decision to buy the game (or bring the game in for review in this case). These items are:
Title and Tag Line
Photo of Game
Side of the Box Info – game category (such as family board game, 2-player strategy game, etc.), number of players, age range, and time required to learn and play.
Brief Synopsis of Play
Add'l Notes, if needed
Prototype Status
Contact Info – this is important. Do not forget it!

- Keith

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Bamboozle Brothers has good sell sheets.

If you're looking for real-world examples, check out Bamboozle Brothers:

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I would have to say that

I would have to say that Bamboozle Brothers absolutely do have great sell sheets.

Being a game publisher, and having met Jay from Bamboozle Brothers (at the GAMA trade show), the sheets were very helpful. He was able to present all of their games to me in about 5 minutes, and I expressed interest in one. After a playtest, we are looking into the game for future publication.

So I suggest that you get good at making sell sheets, or get somebody with some basic graphic design skills to do them or help you out.


InvisibleJon wrote:
If you're looking for real-world examples, check out Bamboozle Brothers:

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The other thing we use sell

The other thing we use sell sheets for is for prospective distributors - who are looking for basic game specs: size, weight, item number in your inventory. So make sure you include some of those things as well as the graphics and description.

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