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Sell Sheets for Publishers

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I am preparing to sell my game to publishers. I am hoping to meet some at the upcoming conventions (Origins and GenCon). I want to include a sales sheet in both my query e-mail and when I meet them in person. My inspiration comes from "From Inspiration to Publication" ( ). I have not found any other resources on this though. I have discovered the sell sheet intended for distributors, but not anything else on such a tool for approaching publishers. So a few questions for the community:

Have any of you used such a tool?

Has it been well received?

What are some tips and guidelines? What is the critical information beyond number of players, play time, and age range?

How wordy can or should I be? My game is almost so simple that I can put all the rules on the sell sheet. Should I, or should I be aiming more to pique interest and just get through an initial screening? Is flavor text helpful or just a distraction?

I thank you for any feedback.

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I have never used a sell

I have never used a sell sheet and have several games under contract; some already out, some pending, and I am meeting with a publisher today to discuss the licensing of two different games.

That being said i can't imagine it could hurt to use one. Sen-Foong Lim has two games already published and another in the pipeline so he may be right.

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sales sheets

Yep - Sen and I have always used sales sheets and will never NOT use sales sheets in the future. There are just too many benefits. For us, since we have many games we're working on - so it's easier for us to bring out a binder of sales sheets instead of a box of prototypes.

We organize the sales sheets in order of complexity of the game so we can show the publisher the games that fit best with them.

Some publishers have expressed gratitude that we had sales sheets. For publishers that don't take prototypes with them - this is a great reminder of what the game's about. Also - the sales sheet is a great visual aid when explaining why your game is awesome - assuming you use pictures the right way in your sales sheets.

So while I'm sure people have been published without them - there's no harm - and many benefits - to using them!!

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