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Selling your game idea ?

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I may have an chance to sell my game idea directly to the director of marketing of a popular sport franchise.They are not in the business of manufacturing board games so they would have to have another company make them for them to market.I am confident they have the marketing power to make a go of this game.Here are my questions
1 Should I sell them my idea?
2.What might be an acceptable offer from them?
3.Is it possible to sell an idea,game board design and rules and still receive a percentage of the profits?
Thanks for any feedback!

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Who buys ideas? A good

Who buys ideas?

A good starting poing for you is any, or all, of the articles written about selling your game idea - the GAMA site has some good points.

Good luck with it.

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Absolutely you can shoot for

Absolutely you can shoot for a percentage of sales, rather than a flat sum. In fact, I'd strongly recommend it, particularly if you think that the game has potential to make a lot of money over the long run. In the end they should agree with it, since without the rights to your idea they make 0%. I don't know what a fair percentage is, though.

You may also want to talk about leasing, rather than outright selling the idea. This is particularly useful if you think other franchises would want to adapt the game system to their franchise; they would go to you, and not the other guys.

Make sure any contract has a kill clause after a few months so they don't take it and do nothing with it, thus leaving you without a game you can bring to another company, and without any money. Development limbo can tie up something for years while you fight to get your rights to it back.

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