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Showing a game to a Publisher - (Brasil?)

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First of all: Sorry about "another post about what to do next". But I really searched a lot in the forums and coudn't find the answers I needed. Btw: how about we make a Publishing FAQ and get it sticky?

After making my game ("Stop the Goblins!") and getting it playtested it, and playtested it again, I really would like it to be published by a games company, but I can see that I am really lost about what step to take next. I have decided that the path that I want to take is the one where you take your idea to lots of publishers, and one of them decides to publish your game. So...

- How good must my prototype be so that I can show it to the publisher? All artwork must be already done? (isn´t the publisher going to change everything, including the artwork?)

- Do I need some kind of protection before showing it? (Copyright?) I know that a lot of people say that I don´t need to stress with that, but I want to be sure.

- Does anyone knows options in Brazil, other than the big ones: "Estrela" and "Grow"? And what companies do you suggest, in the US, for example?

Stop the Goblins is a game for 2-4 players where heroes try to defend the magic cristal from the ever growing invading goblins horde. The heroes win if they survive for 9 waves. The heroes may attack the invading goblins, and plant traps to help them hold off the invaders. The goblin´s players have points to spend to get faster and more powerful goblins each wave.

(very similar to a tower-defense game)

Both sides have a deck of cards that grants the players special benefits to overcome their enemies, with stunning surprises. Each player draws a card at the beginning of each wave, and may hold up to 2 in their hands.

The board is made up from lots of 4x4 pieces, that are randomized at the beggining of each game. They are lined up forming a path from the Goblins cave to the Magic Cristal.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks very much for your patience.

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