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A simple method to revise your rules

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You want to revise the rules of your game to make sure there is no errors in them? The most common method is to make sure somebody else read the rules for you. But in addition to that, I have found another method that also does a good job:

Translate your rules in another language.

It's just crazy how much details will spring out of the rules. You'll also find misused vocabulary like if for example, you are always using the same term and then you switch terminology. When reading, it does not really appears, but when translating it will jump in your face.

Of course, not everybody is bilingual (what ever the languages), but for those who are, it can help you.

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You're right ! Even if I don'

You're right !
Even if I don' speak english as well as I used to a couple of years ago, I now tend to write all the rules and even design notes in english (and not in french).
Translating things put you in a position where you have to clarify things and remove some "fat"... Let's face it, we're not supposed to produce literacy !
I might be wrong, but I think I have read somewhere that his holiness Bruno Faidutti do the same...

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I fully agree

I fully agree; I've been translating my rules from Dutch into English so you (the BGDF community) can read them, and it definitely forced me to use clear and consistent language. It prevents you from using constructions that might sound good, but are not completely transparent.

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For me, the original rules

For me, the original rules were in English. But As I decide to translate them in French, the is a lot of details that simply appears.

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