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Small Scale Distributor in the USA?

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Fancy Squid Games
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Hi all,

I'm putting together a Kickstarter that I want to launch at the end of next month. I live in Britian but my target audience is in the USA. i have a US manufacturer but they will only send out the full order of units to one address. So what I need is a company or individual that can receive this order of say 100 - 500 decks of cards package them up into jiffy bags and post them out to individual backer's addresses.

Anyone got any ideas who to use and what price to expect to pay?


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I haven't used any

I haven't used any fulfillment services myself, but I've heard good things about (a GameSalute company) and Jamey Stegmaier mention Ideaspatcher a while back.

You could start by getting quotes from them. Every games is different so estimated costs are hard to give. YOu could start by asking people who shipped out games of similar dimensions and weight about their fulfillment costs.

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