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Small scale publication

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I'm new to the BGD community, and I was wondering if anybody could give me advice on how or where I could publicize my game in a small-scale way. I'm not looking to sell or publish this game, I just want to post it somewhere and share it with the public, like Peter Guenther did with BrickQuest. Thanks.

Clever Mojo Games
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Posting a game page on is probably the best way.

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Clever Mojo Games wrote:
Posting a game page on is probably the best way.
Consider doing the following:
* Create an entry for your game at BGG:
* Post an announcement on their Press Releases forum:
* You might (if you're not being too spammy) be able to post it in their Board Game Design forum too:
* (optional) Post about it on the Announcements forum:
* Announce it on the BGDF Announcments forum:

Good luck!

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