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some questions about followups

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I sent my game pitch out to a company about 2 months ago and haven't heard anything back. It was via email. Should I wait longer, or would now be a good time to followup?

And if/when I do followup, how exactly should I put it that I sent the idea exclusively to them, and would like an answer so I can move on to a different company?

And finally, if I do send a followup, how long should I wait after that before just sending it to someone else if I don't hear a response?


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from the horses mouth

Hey SinJinQLB, I feel like this kind of questions was addressed by some of the publishers at Unpub3. Here's a link to the video:

Beyond that advice. I think I would send a brief follow-up reminding them why you think they are a good match for your game (and thus your first choice). Asking whether you can provide anything more to help them in evaluating your game. Then I'd ask them for an estimate of how long they expect it might be, before they can evaluate your game. If they don't respond within a couple of weeks to a month... I'd take that as a "not interested".

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