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There is now a German Crowdfunding platform called "Spieleschmiede". The URL is:

For those people living in Europe, this might be an interesting OPTION.


Update #1: Unlike Kickstarter which operates in various categories... This Crowdfunding platform is ONLY for "TableTop Games"! The name in English translates to "Game Developer"...

Update #2: It seems after further investigation this funding platform is NOT open to the public. It is made available to PUBLISHERS looking to Crowdfund their games. As designers, we cannot use this platform unless we are working in tandem with a Publisher who decides to use this Crowdfunding for the European market.

Since it is specific to "TableTop Games"... It could be an interesting idea to ask your Publisher if they would want to TRY that German Platform... It may be more viable for earning MORE European gamers especially if the platform is made for the European markets.

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