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Spreading the word

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I'm planning my kickstarter attempt and I see that people recommend spreading the word about your game beforehand. Question is how do you get the word out to a large enough audience that it makes a difference?

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Not having done a

Not having done a Kickstarter, this isn't an experienced opinion, but...

I'd say just post threads on sites like this or BGG. Post rules, pictures, get those people excited. Then they will spread the word for you at their game nights and in their own circles. Post gameplay videos. Send the game to game reviewers and ask them to post a video.

If I were doing a Kickstarter, I wouldn't underestimate the effect of this kind of effort. It's the difference between a really successful first couple days as all these initial pledges come in. Then your campaign bounces even higher because it shows up on kicktraq hotlists, Popular on Kickstarter, etc. Maybe even delay the launch of your project until you feel good about how well you've gotten the word out.

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I asked a similar question

I asked a similar question not too long ago and received some great replies:

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