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Straight Face 21: A Blackjack variant

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Joined: 04/16/2011

Okay, so I figured I'd post the newest variant of Blackjack. I call it "Straight Face 21"!


  • "# of 52 Standard Decks" per player. So if there are 3 players, there should be 3 decks.
  • Poker Chips. Enough to allow for fun game play.

Victory Condition:
To be the last player standing (obviously with all the chips).


  • Remove ALL face cards from the decks (Jacks, Queens, Kings).
  • Remove ALL Jokers from the decks.
  • Give EACH player a deck of 40 cards (Ace to 10)

Playing one turn:
Each player places an "Ante" (defined by the table) to the centre of play. Next each player *refills* his hand to five (5) cards. If a player had no cards, he draws five (5) cards. If a player had one (1) card, he draws four (4) cards, etc.

Play goes around the table, one player at a time, allowing each player to play cards. Each player, using the hand of five (5) cards, makes the BEST possible total. The FIRST card played down is REVEALED and the remaining cards are placed FACE DOWN such that only the player knows the true value of the total. Aces are either 1 or 11.

Each player may opt to fold, call or raise.

Once all player have made their bets and the number of players still playing is determined, taking turns, each player reveals ALL but the LAST card of their total.

Players go through a second round of betting (raising, calling or folding).

Each player then reveals their last card, taking turns. The winner is the one with the HIGHEST total (21 or less). If there are ties, the pot is divided amongst the players.

All cards played on the table go into each player's discard pile.

Junk cards:

A player may choose to add cards that put him OVER 21. These cards are called *Junk cards*. They serve as a way of bluffing and force players to try to determine what the player's strategy is. A player may choose to play additional cards towards his total AFTER a junk card is played.

Example 1: Player 1 has played = 10, 6, 8, 5. The Eight (8) is a *Junk card*, however the five (5) is a valid card and brings his total to 21!

Subsequent turns:
Play continues for each player. When a deck becomes empty or lacks enough cards to *refill* a hand, the discard pile is shuffled and becomes the draw pile anew.

All-In bet:
If a player decides to bet ALL his remaining chips during the game, he is to be "All-In". Just like in Poker, the player can lose and therefore leave the table.

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Joined: 04/16/2011
Real betting and bluffing

This Blackjack variant is a derivative of my game entitled "Monster Keep". "Monster Keep" also uses 40 card decks per player.

Players who enjoy *Poker* (such as Texas Hold'Em) will like this game because both the betting AND bluffing are real in this game (as opposed to standard Blackjack). It is a FAST paced game and I think this variant could lead to more exciting Blackjack rounds!

Please try it out!

If you have questions or comments, do not hesitate to ask...

Note: Casino's can make money playing this game much like a game of "Texas Hold'Em Poker": the house will take chips from each pot before passing it on to the winner - this is the house rake.

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