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Submitting to BGG

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Hi everyone,

I submitted the game I've launched on Kickstarter to BGG awhile ago and it's still "pending." Anyone got some insights as to how long it usually takes before they approve a board game submission?



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Check your mail box

On BGG I would recommend you check your mail box... Sometimes they want additional information to be added in the description of the game. That's what happened to Quest AC... They wanted a *longer* description about the game...

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It can take weeks even if

It can take weeks even if everything is satisfactory, depending on how many other submissions are in the queue. BGG user "Purple" appears to be the current moderator for game submissions so you can try sending them a GeekMail to ask for an update.

Joined: 08/28/2008
Thanks guys!

Thanks guys! Guess we should have submitted sooner to BGG. That goes on my list of lessons learned for running a KS project. I love all the great info out there like Stonemaier's blogs, James Mathe's site, etc... Now if someone could turn this into a project management tool, I'd buy it!

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