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Syzygy Four

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Joined: 11/05/2009

I would like to introduce my game Syzygy Four to this forum. I have followed the forum for a long time but have never posted.

Syzygy Four is an abstract strategy game. The game's web site is:

It is detailed and reviewed on Board Game Geek here:

In addition, the audio-visual presentation that is included with the game on CD is available on youtube here:

I welcome any comments. Thanks for checking it out.

Fred Potter

RacNRoll Gaming
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Joined: 05/12/2010

I gotta say this type of game is right up my alley...part game..part puzzle...brilliant!!!

Although the name is not so easy to pronounce. ;-)

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Joined: 10/02/2009
RacNRoll Gaming wrote:

RacNRoll Gaming wrote:
Although the name is not so easy to pronounce. ;-)

Haha! Actually, the pronunciation isn't too bad once you learn how to say it. It's definitely a word that you can drop in on a conversation with friends to make you sound smarter.

Fred, it's great to see you spreading the S4 love here on BGDF. I hope your game gets some attention because I continue to have fun each time I play it! The YouTube video is awesome!

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