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Talking to a publisher about my Cricket game

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Hi user HPS74 here. I've been trawling BGG and this site for many months but I now seek advice from those who have walked this road before me.

I have come up with a dice rolling cricket game. It's fast, fun, compact and affordable. It would tie in well with any cricket lover or as a travelling game.

I've sourced custom dice, have the rules written, and good thoughts on packaging. I put a teasing description on BGG to see reaction to the concept. From that I have had positive interest, one being from a publisher in India. They have expressed interest in "looking at" the game, and if they like it.....talking further about it.

Would anyone have any suggestions on how to handle the meeting (via the web). They'll possibly request a prototype or a soft copy. Should I worry about an NDA?

This is the second game prototype I've developed. The first is still back in China where I left it with the other 2 developers. Any advice would be great!


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Don’t worry about a NDA

Don’t worry about a NDA, if you request a publisher sign one you’ll probably get a polite no and that will be the end of your contact.

To get your first contact find a potential publisher, one that produces the kind of game you have made. Search their site for submission policies; most publishers that accept submission list this on their website. Follow their procedure to the letter. They are not only going to want a good game they are also want someone that they can work with.

Good luck

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Do you know of any publishers

Do you know of any publishers that produce sports games?

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Ghenos games would be the place to start.

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