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Tasty Minstrel Games is looking for Designs to publish in 2010

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Joined: 06/23/2009
I sent something in

How long before you reply to people who send stuff in?

I was wondering if you received my email?


Joined: 03/09/2009
I have a prototype ready

I have completed the design, rules, packaging, and have two different names for the game. I have contacted Hasbro agent in Australia and waiting for reply. If I don't get a reply soon (which was promised months ago) I may submit.

I think I have a great game (card + board game) 2-6 players, play time Ave 1hr. easy to learn and fun. Tested with around 50 people and all with positive feedback (Yes some are my friends but I did ask them to be very critical)

The game is based on an environmental/sustainability theme.

I am an environmental engineer so the game play/strategy/information is educationally accurate. But if importantly when we play it it is fun :) It is similar to UNO with a scoring board included.

Any one else know of companies who are interested, please let me know.

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Joined: 07/21/2008
Response time

Response time will vary, but I try to return emails in a timely fashion (probably a reply within a week if not right away at least to let you know I received the email).

The reason for such variability is two-fold, for one of course I am busy, and sometimes can't get to thinking about a submission right away. I don't like to reply to things without giving them some thought. The other reason is that Michael and I, while in the same town, don't see each other every day, and there's some communication time there as well.

So if you submit to Tasty Minstrel, that's what you should expect. :)

- Seth

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