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TCG Publishers?

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My brother and I have been working on a TCG for some time now. We, thanks to the nanDeck program, have begun to seriously get cracking on card production.

We still have a lot of playtesting to go through, but just to find out now...

What Publishers are interested in Card Games?

I have seen the list of publishers on this site and most seem interested in Euro-style games. Just wondering if anyone knew of any who were particularly interested in the TCG, CCG field.



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Right now CCGs are very

Right now CCGs are very quickly piling into the junk heap. I suspect it would be virtually impossible to find a publisher today.

The market will likely come back, but right now it's pretty grim.

Willi B
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Without a license....

I'd say your odds are nearly a million to one against right now for TCGs. I tried to get a TCG published for years while TCG publishers went out of business from failure. When you add up the games in print vs. the games that have died along the way, you can easily see that there is WAY TOO MUCH RISK for failure for any person to roll their money on a new TCG.

If you have the rights to an established property that is age appropriate for your game and the market, you might get someone to listen, but I still doubt that.

Those that are putting TCG's out right now are established and work from within, or are Don Quixote business types that throwing money at windmills. IF you pursue self publishing, try a different business model than the norm.

I suggest you either try virtual TCG route or expandable card (Race for the Galaxy) route. They won't make as much money, but it is much more likely to see the light of day in some other player's hands.

All this being said, there is a host of TCG games listed at that have release dates for this year. I think you are much more likely to find more informed people somewhere in the mass of players there that might have a better pulse on the business models and contacts that might help your game succeed as a TCG... or maybe they will say the same thing over there.

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