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Too many ephemerids (not a game title)

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dear community members,
i really dont want to start nagging here, but recently we just have too many ephemerids on board. i sense new registrations and posts every day, most of them being one-time posters who put a topic-ad up and wait for the effects it triggers. another phenomenon are posters who ask questions, but never reply to their own posts - instead just watch the thread fill with hints and feedback while taking the best out of it - reading passively, without interaction or giving the community something back.

dont get me wrong, i love this little community we have. im in no way a admin (or even close to it), im just "there" since quite some time. in fact, i support the increasing amount of members and aprecciate it: in the past there where times you had to wait a week to get a good answer, nowadays you get an answer within a few hours - wich is a huge step forward.

speaking about traffic, members and community size - i see BGDF heading the right way: maybe the oldtimers spread the word, or the better SEO acceptance of google and a tighter knit of BGG and BGDF caused this influx. all in all signs of a growing community - good signs, positive signs

but - hey come on! does it really help to put another "back my kickstarter campaign" post-ad up here and wait for plaudit, replies and backers?

i see BGDF as a creators community, here the "hard core" of players who wish to be designers (or already are) come together to discuss ideas, brainstorm and talk about newest developments. what have we got ourselves into that literally every board, every blog, every community and every site that is related to the boardgames your grandmom played is mis-used as a billboard to post "back me!" ads?

this is no hating, this is no flame war, this is just the appeal to get back to the relevant things again. post your ideas, comment others - get involved! then - and only then you will be part of a community that will also accept a few post-ads every now and then. its about design, not about marketing here - and we all try to be friends here and not a "target audience".

contribute lots - and leave the marketer at home instead

thanks for reading

until hell freezes

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Why I am an ephemerid

Thanks Fhizban for putting the intentional or unintentional spur in my side to finally post. I pretty much check BGDF every day while eating breakfast, hoping to catch some new threads about interesting game ideask but haven't posted any of my own.

I don't consider myself a 'board game geek (and I know that that is a different website anyway), and I guess my reason for not posting thus far is that I haven't had an idea or comment that I wanted to contribute. However, I did vote in the March GDS, and have been working no less than three game ideas in an attempt to have a clean, readable set of rules for review by you guys. Designing games has always been an interest of mine in a variety of media and I have been very impressed with some of the creative uses of commonplace mechanics described on this board.

I have been puzzled by the one time posters who seem upset by the slowness of comments coming in on their new idea being published via Kickstarter, and it also seems remarkable how many Kickstarter campaigns are going on right now. Granted, I haven't been sniffing around the board game scene for very long at all, but I guess I really see BGDF as more of a place to talk shop versus actually bringing new products to market. Then again, I don't foresee myself making most of games even into a prototype, so I'm probably not the average BGDF'er.

Anyway, some of my thoughts. Looks forward to writing some more later on and continuing to derive inspiration from the the non-ephemerids out there.


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Joined: 01/11/2009
welcome to the boards

welcome to the boards werhner! contribute lots!

PS: my post was not against lurkers (or against anyone at all). i just wish that people care more about BGDF and less about "back me on kickstarter" - especially when the "back me" post is their only post on this forum.

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Especially Here

Agreed. I think BGDF is a particularly strange place to post "buy my game" posts. I come here to ask for advice, give advice and to hear about other people's design process. Self-promoting posts are annoying at BGG, but here it's like trying to sell t-shirts to sweatshop workers. When we are here we are not customers, we are producers (obviously, to be good producers we are consumers of games, but not when logged into BGDF).

This is not to say I am annoyed when someone who has posted regularly here and gotten advice from this community posts and say "Hey my game _______ that you helped me name/tweak/playtest/etc is now on Kickstarter and your support would mean a lot to me".

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Joined: 01/11/2009
dito! exactly what i meant


exactly what i meant with my opening post: people who participate in the forum are already known among com-members and receive much more trust. and there is absolutely nothing to say against a full member to post an ad every now and then.

but please - you grey unknown mass of freshly registered users: stop dropping single ad-post into this forum like a dump. this destroys consistency of the forum, generates just spam and increased distrust of active members against new members (wich is absolutely wrong, because we want to be a open community).

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Agreed! I remember commenting

I remember commenting on this shortly after I first joined the community. But what's to be done about people who decide to hijack every thread by linking to their (often less than stellar) game? Maybe "Fund me on Kickstarter" could have a forum of its own? I doubt it would matter though.

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Fhizban wrote: but please -

Fhizban wrote:

but please - you grey unknown mass of freshly registered users: stop dropping single ad-post into this forum like a dump.

Grey unknown mass droppings. These sound particularly unappetising. And might I point out the futility of asking the grey unknown mass to stop its ...dumping? They don't read these anyway. It's all scat and scoot, if you will pardon my french.

Could be an interesting premise for a game though. The Grey Unknown Mass from Spaaaaace. Stop it dumping in your back yard by making your neighbours seem more appealing. Use the childrens playset to swing to deflect unwanted droppings. Only you can keep your neighbourhood (or at least your part of it) clean.

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