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Touch Surfaces

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I recently heard that the board game neuroshima hex (which I have heard good things about) is being adapted for the iPad. This sparked an idea. 2011 will be the year of the tablet for sure, and they are only going to grow from there, and become cheaper and omnipresent. Combine that with tech like microsoft Surface, and I think something interesting will happen for board game designers. With touch surfaces that big, all of us will be able to self publish for dirt cheap; all we need is to pay someone to turn our game into a touch surface app, and sell them in an app store. It's true that not all games can be translated this way, but a whole ton of them can. I suspect that once people start figuring this out, the board game market will explode, because people will be able to get great board games for a few bucks instead of 60, and will find new audiences. Any thoughts?

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Yes, this will happen

It's more a question of time. For one, those screens are mightily expensive right now, so you have to pay a lot of money upfront before you get the games. What you can do today for now is tile a board together with a few tablets if four people bring their ipads. There might even be games out there that allow for that already.

But then, the tactile aspects of a great game will be very hard to replace with a touch screen.

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