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A tower defense board game

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Joined: 04/02/2013

I was looking around Kickstarter projects doing research, backing some for the experience, and building my knowledge base for when I am ready to launch my own, when I bumped in to this one.

Its a tower defense board game. It seemed interesting so I chose to back it simply for a $1 just to research it. The project owner sent me a personalized thank you for backing my project letter which I thought was great. After I replied to it, telling them how great that seemed, they messaged me back with a little information about themselves. Just a few highlights: they believe in cooperation vs competition in board game development, and they have backed many of other peoples Kickstarter projects to promote board games in general.

I just wanted to bring a little extra light on to thier project for what they stand for.

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Joined: 06/19/2013
Thank you.


I just now, a full year later, found this post. Thank you. By your pic, I think I can probably identify you as J.G....?

Thanks a ton for sharing this way back when.

John Wrot!
Gate Keeper Games

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