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Tradewars - Homeworld: Voting is NOW open for Top 20 Games of 2017

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Joined: 04/16/2011

Here is the BGG link, please everyone who support our Nominations, give us your VOTE now!

These are the Categories that we have made the short-list:

5. Category: Crowd Funded

8. Category: Dice

21. Category: Sci-Fi

Quickest way to VOTE is to Search for "Tradewars" and you should have 3 matches... Our goal is to "crack" the Top 20 for each of these categories!

Unfortunately we did not meet the goal of Top 50 "Overall" so there will be no "contests" at this time. And I do feel this is a "rinse & repeat" type of voting - everyone voted once... It's going to be hard to convince everyone to vote AGAIN...

Anyways IF you do decide to vote for our game, many Thanks!!!

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Joined: 04/16/2011
And believe me... I know...

I'm sort of fed up with this "voting" process... Building up and getting people to vote is a task in itself. We've had over 3,000+ views of the LAST thread that was asking people to "Nominate" our game.

Anyways the people who did not make the list, will probably not vote. And some of the people who DID vote - will be like: "I need to vote AGAIN?!?!"

The process is a "Pain in the @ss!" But if you do vote, Thank You!

Sorry to bother you all in asking for another round of voting. To me if feels very "Rinse & Repeat"...

Thank you!

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Joined: 11/01/2008
Don't lose heart!

I vote in all three and wish you and the team all the best!


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Joined: 04/16/2011
Thanks Eamon!

You don't know how much EFFORT was required to get 173 Nomination Votes. We had Facebook users that we had to "coax" to convince them to vote, I had friends and family which I had to convince too. We even had a FLGS in the Florida state which helped out with our Nomination Votes...

All that plus people who have been telling us the story is very compelling and the Game Box looks "stellar"... To people actually connecting with the "Father Geek" Review!

It's very hard to design a SIMPLE game that can be played by people of all kinds of ages - and still keep the "core" play sufficiently entertaining that all kinds of people (Kids, Parents and Veteran Gamers) actually enjoy playing the game.

The mechanics of the game come together well. And this is not to "toot-my-horn", I've marketed the game to so many people now... That I'd tell them to "sit down and play a game". Everything meshes pretty well and you have GREAT "Take-That" card action. You got Player Roles that are similar to "Take-That" too: so the game has sufficient "turbulence" players will no doubtfully have memorable game experience.

Some Veteran Gamers feel that the game is a little LITE for them. And that's because the "core" is so streamlined that a 10 year old can play and enjoy the game. But we will be adding on "expansions" which extend the game and make it more "complex" adding newer layers of strategy.

So the kids can enjoy the "core" game... And Veterans can throw in one or two expansions extending the game further and making the overall game experience more suitable for an adult crowd.

Again many Thanks for your vote.

I'm trying NOT to lose "heart" (as you put it...) But I wanted to acknowledge there was a lot of effort put in to get those 170+ Nominations.

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Joined: 04/16/2011

In the BIG BOX (4 Player Game Set) with all of the "extras" - you will need to play the game over 75+ times to try all possible combinations of the game...

So there's the "core" which is 8 playthrus... And then there are a bunch of new "expansions" that add more replayability to the game.

Playing the game 75+ times, is something that would mean the game is a regular "favorite" and it allows people to match themselves with the setup that they prefer - after going through all the different combinations.

And that's not the end of it. There are four (4) other "expansion" IDEAS that need to be worked on and developed into more options for the "core" game... And not boring stuff like just new cards, we're talking about things like "diplomacy", a "tactical" board, four (4) player co-op, etc.

A bunch of "exciting" stuff...

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Odd that we have to vote again. With so many options. Couldn't they simply start with this kind of voting?

Good luck!

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