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David J Bush
Joined: 08/24/2008

My rule book has lots of pictures in it. I am interested in translating it into French, Spanish, German, Italian, Polish, Japanese, Korean, maybe more. I am looking for a translation service that understands layout as well as translating the text. Nothing less than top notch service will do. The rules are difficult enough to explain in English. I don't want any translation errors to get in the way.

You can see a web version of my rules at

Any recommendations? Thanks for your time.


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Joined: 07/22/2008
Looks Great

Unfortunately I haven't any recommendations, but I did want to say that the pieces look really great and the idea is very clever. Good luck with it!

Joined: 08/28/2008
I'm sorry to say that other

I'm sorry to say that other than Googling I don't have any recommendations. I just want to add that I also like your clever design.


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Joined: 08/02/2008
Looks good -- have you posted

Looks good -- have you posted this before? I've seen a prototype of this game somewhere but it didn't use the "peg" structure you have it here -- it was more like triangles with tapered corners. I can't recall where, though.

David J Bush
Joined: 08/24/2008
Yes, This is listed on

Yes, This is listed on BoardGameGeek as Lazo/ Gridwar. My first version used a simpler tile design, but the game is the same. You can see photos of my first prototype there.

I also posted a module for "Zillions of Games" which uses simpler tiles.

This is the same game on two smaller grids. The download is free but you have to purchase the Zillions registration key to use it. Zillions is not a server.

Thanks for the compliments!


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Joined: 07/26/2008
I think there aren't that

I think there aren't that many persons on this planet that are in total command of their own language + English, understand how board game rules need to be written, and have the basic graphic design experience you seem to ask for.

I have a games translation firm myself (Eng to Swe), and we sometimes get to proofread game text translated by full-time "professional" 40 €/h translators and I can tell you that it can be a depressing experience. Reading board game rules translated into Swedish can also be painful.

I would personally find a real game designer to translate the rules from English - someone who is used to write board game rules, and who has played the game several times and understands it from inside-out. Then I would have that translation checked by a proof reader, a linguist. Then I'd implement the text into the layout myself, and send it back to the translator/game designer for a "post-graphics check".

For Japanese, I have got help from:

For Finnish,

For Turkish,

For Polish, there is an American/Polish translator/boardgamegeek couple:

For Scandinavian, there is a little Facebook group, which I hope will grow to encompass every language:

Good luck!

(very cool game btw)

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