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United Kindom agents

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colin leamon
Joined: 10/07/2009

Any UK agents out here that don't want alot of money to produce a prototype? My games are complete and ready to go. OK, they could do with some nice graphics and stuff but everything is there; printed board, pieces, rule booklet - and all been thoughly play tested. I 've got around three dozen - i like to have a game for all styles. Just finished my 'pad and pen game. Not done a conection game yet....,


Joined: 08/05/2009
Check out ..

Hello Colin - Check out Cactus Marketing. They have offices in the UK and USA. It is a family run business, Pete in the USA and his daughter Jesse in the UK. Their website is:

I haven't spoken with Jesse in years so I don't know if she is still running the office but I speak with Pete often in the US. He is a great guy and great company. You can't go wrong with them. One of their "Star Player/inventors and games are Gunther Degan and Scattergories licensed to Milton Bradley and ultimately Hasbro. Oh and ME! LOL with Rainbow Timber and Haba/TC Timber

I would contact the Virgina office fiorst if I were you. Talk to Betty. Tell Her Bob R. (Rainbow Timber) sent you.

Bob Reinschild, Pres/CEO
Solomon's Thoughts, Inc.

Joined: 07/29/2008
The best thing to do is

The best thing to do is probably meet a publisher directly. You can send emails to many of them (check their web sites first), then meet them during conventions to show them your prototypes in person (see how Dominion was published).
Of course, this is work, and if you'd rather have an agent do the work for you (contact publishers with game ideas that fit their line, etc.), and you have the money to hire them, then go for it. But don't expect a bargain rate--agents have families to feed too:)

I've actually enjoyed getting to know different publishers, and meeting them in person helps get the relationship off to a good start. After signing with them, I also like to know who is developing the game with me--makes things in the next phase go much smoother.

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