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Warning Labels for Games Containing Small Parts

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Now that I got the UPC thing figured out, I know all games that have small parts in them have to have the "Not for Children 3 Years and Under" label on them. If I release a game with small parts in it, do I just have to have the label on there, or is there another process? I'm sure there's an organization and website that has all the official regulations for those things. Does anyone know the website etc.?

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Make sure that you meet the new CPSIA labeling requirements as well if your product is targeted at kids. The CPSIA testing requirements have been suspended until Feb 10 of next year (2010, depending on when you're reading this!), but the labeling requirements have not been suspended that I know of.

This means you'll need the choke warning as well as the new stuff.
The text of the law is here:
(Warning! This law may be hazardous to your sanity. Please consult with team of lawyers before ingesting.)

In a nutshell, you need to specify the country of origin, a date or lot code, and who manufactured it. In my understanding, the manufacturer here is the "final assembler". We've gone round and round on this at work and that's still the safest reading. I think you may also want to state something about the lead and pthalates, but I'd have to go look that up.

It's worse than it sounds, but you'll want to do it no matter what. Since stickers are not allowed by the law, you pretty much have to have this stuff printed with the box.

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So in addition to the choking hazard on the box, the game has to have a thing on it with the lot, a "made in the U.S.A." thing on it, manufacturer's date and all that? The game is recommended for ages 12 & up, so it's not being promoted towards younger kids or anything like that. The place I'm looking at having make my game doesn't have imported junk from overseas, so they said there will be no issue with lead or anything like that. They also said that they have all records and certificates of what was made where, what's in it, and all that good stuff, so you know it doesn't have of that stuff that's been causing all those toy recalls. I'll have to talk with them more on that, just to make sure I properly deal with all the red tape involving having this game made. The only parts this game has is 95 cards, instructions, a 20 sided die, and a wooden game pawn. Maybe five 20 sided die if I can afford it.

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distributors or directly to costumers?

Are you selling to stores and distributors or directly to costumers?

I think you don't need to meet the CPSIA requirements on the later case, but you must anyway print the 'Choking hazard' warning on the box.

Please correct me if I'm wrong.

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