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Web hosting, Drupal, etc. for a board game project...

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Hey All,

A very good friend of mine and I are gearing up for a nifty and unusual board game project. The board game is a long-playing, humorous game filled with satire and social commentary that lends itself well to nearly endless expansion. The idea is that we'll offer a free, limited version of the board game as a downloadable PDF; a complete PDF of the game for a fee; and fans can purchase professionally printed components (board and cards) for a reasonable price. We'll also probably sell t-shirts and such also. Once we make X$ in sales, we'll release the first expansion with the same free PDF, fee PDF, components options. We'll continue to release new expansions as long as the fans ask for them (by buying stuff).

The goal is to accumulate a fan base that's large enough to turn the game/site into a part- or full-time job for my friend. To succeed, we'll need to create a website that has a blog (what's new), some static information pages (what is it / who we are), a shopping cart (get stuff), and a forum (share ideas). Invisible City Productions uses Textpattern and is hosted by A2 web hosting. I'm happy enough with A2, but I've never tried to host a Drupal-based website with them. For that matter, I've never tried to install or manage a Drupal website, which brings me to my questions for y'all:

• Do you have a favorite web hosting service? Have you set up a Drupal website there?
• Do you have experience using Drupal? Are you happy with Drupal?
• Do you have experience with the Übercart module for Drupal? Are you happy with it?

(Given what I've learned about Drupal, I suspect that our near and dear friend, the BGDF, is a Drupal site. I'm secretly hoping that the owner/administrators can provide a little insight for me.)

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"I suspect that our near and

"I suspect that our near and dear friend, the BGDF, is a Drupal site."

look in the source code and you'll find you are right...

on the drupal site is a list with providers that support a drupal installation.

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