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Well publishers list exhausted tv show perhaps?

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I sent to a few publisher for one game of mine but no joy or reply
So I thought HM maybe TV show would take it up.
Who is best in USA to send this proposal too?


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Are you asking where to send a proposal for a telivision show, or is this still boardgame related in some way?

T Worthington
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design Contests

there are no less than 4 design contests being run in the board game dsign forum at right now- enter one of those.

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If . . .

You can turn your board game rulebook into a television pilot, I guess you've got something pretty cool, so go for it!

(I'm not sure how many board games I've played that could be turned into a TV show. I'd probably watch them anyway, though. )


Willi B
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I think it comes down to the

I think it comes down to the desire for new game shows... North Star Games are trying to get their game (Wits and Wagers) made into a game show... they've put some cash behind some design elements for the pitch as well. I don't think they've had a final meeting yet.

I would try the Game Show Network... that's the most likely candidate if it's a party-style game.... otherwise, I don't think you're likely to find a big company to take that risk because you don't have an established product.

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Need more info

What exactly do you want to do? Turn your game into tv pilot or??? make a game off a tv show? I am here in Hollywood and in talks with different studios regarding various aspects of game-media production. Making a game based on a show is basically as difficult as making the show itself- in the beginning. Write me back if you think I can help you in some way.
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