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we're iPad games developer...

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I'm not sure where do i post this, but anyway....

We're an iPad games developer, we're currently in process of developing 4 games (all non board games) which all will be schedule to release next year.
We're an existing 3D animation content developer, our old folio can be view at (none of the games in development are shown yet)

Hello to all board game designers here,
If any of you guys are interested in publishing your game in iPad, please do contact us. We're looking for potential board games that may be able to extend our range of iPad games.

Why iPad?
- An alternative game publishing method
- Cheaper to develop and produce (compare to big time publishers)
- Despite you like Apple or not, it's a success, it brings the 'tablet' factor into daily life.

We're able to workout some form of partnership if you're on a tight budget (or no budget) as well, before letting us know the idea, you may email us with rough details of the game such as
1) how many players,
2) is the AI extremely important (example, Chess game offer many possibilities and calculation for the computer)
3) game duration
4) is it easy to understand how it works (how long does it take, 30sec? 5mins?)
5) what is the closest competitor
6) what you're able to provide other then ideas
7) who's the target audience (age range, genre)
8) Does it suits to be play on iPad (do you have to pass the device around? is it fun to play with the computer? or...?)
9) etc etc
We may then be able to evaluate does the game fit into our portfolio, our marketing research based on iPad users/gamers and resources needed to invest into the idea.

In our opinion, what is the ideal board game on iPad:
1) Easy to learn, challenging to play
2) Fun to play with buddies
3) The replayable value has to be high
4) Unique

If you're concern, please do provide a NDA, we may be able to sign as well.

Of course, other then board games, if you guys have any interesting idea, please do contact us as well.

Thanks all, best of luck to all of you.

email us at enquiry at commonextract dot com, lets start talking! :-)


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