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What about paying for crowd funding Boost??

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Roll For Surprise
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Planet 313 is working toward a relaunch with kickstarter. And I wanted to get some opinions about someone's experience in working with a "Pay for Boosting your crowdfunding efforts" company. During my first Kickstarter I was approached by a few of these companies or sites that will manage or boost your crowdfunding project. Anywhere from a 250 to 3000 contact list.

I have heard only one opinion on this topic with a panel member at a convention. (Saying "no, don't do it".)

I was curious to get more opinions before I disregard this as an option to help with my relaunch.

I would love to hear your advice on using these guys.

Thanks for your comments!

John Force

Roll For Surprise Games

I Will Never Gr...
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Keep away

In my experience and from all reports I've seen this path is absolutely not worth your money.

Essentially they will throw your project at people and say "Hey, back this" .. this does nothing that good social media and building a following yourself already has done; more eyes on the project.. and you're paying for it.

The number of backers you would not have got otherwise does not cover the expense these companies charge for their services.

Roll For Surprise
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Thank you for that. I think that your advice lines up with my feeling about it too.

Nate Brett
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stay clear

Hi, I'm a marketing consultant. I would generally advise against companies that offer general crowdfunding "boosting" services. From what I know about then (and I have not worked with them so its just from what I can see) they will spam their networks for you. Yes they may be able to email 20k people, but they are not likely to be your target audience.

There is no shortcut to funding your game. You need a good product, get your social media working for you, build up fans and make sure the campaign looks and runs well. If you have those things and your lucky you will fund. If you want to invest money (and your game already looks great) put it into advertising directly to your audience.

Just my opinion.

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I frequently receive messages

I frequently receive messages that attempt to boost the exposure of a product or service, so I'll go ahead and insert your game's name into one of them and change it around just a little to give you an idea of what your potential customers would be receiving:

"Someones sexy mom, also known as a MILF, wants to play Planet 313 with you.

Press here to help a MILF have an amazing night of gaming - Must be 18 or older

We an help you meet dice-slinging, card-shuffling, meeple-hungry MILFs that want to meet new men that they can game with!

And these MILFs are so brainy! You have to check them out!"

Huh. I could actually see that pitch working. That said, I have yet to take anyone up on such services, be they enhancement of my already awesome genitals or a pair of discounted Ray Ban sunglasses, but I have a feeling that your marketing messages will land right alongside them in my spam folder should you contract with a company like these. It's better to lose from failure than to invest in being a sucker.

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Don't do it!

Don't do it is simply great advice. There are far better ways to spend your money. Heck, you can run your own Facebook advert campaign with zero effort; why pay another to do just that for you (as many do).

Yeah, listen to that panelist. It was good advice.

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One good idea indeed

That Facebook idea is actually a good one. I see it rolling already.

But there is one advice that I want to give you:
Don't put it on your own name, but on the name of your game that you want to promote.

Now the following options are open:
You can add pictures and video's, practically for free.
You can share a direct link on all the websites that you currently visit, to your game Facebook page.
People who are interested, can follow you and add you.
People can react to your game as well.
And when you have something to send to others, you can announce it. People can send you a PM to where to send the package.

However, I do not know about legal issues regarding this. If you use Facebook for profits? What will happen? Who knows the consequences?

Nate Brett
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Facebook ads

Running your own adverts is a good idea. The only thing I would add is that putting money into advertising is only worth it if your confident that your messaging and targeting is strong. If your not 100% sure your going to do a good job just keep your money and work on social media. If you can get that working well, then you can build from there. Marketing is on of those things that most people think they can do well, but its not always as easy as it it seems and can take up lots of time while you learn.

You might want to think about putting your money into sending out good quality review copies of your game to lots of reviewers and get buzz that way

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