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When and how to Geek?

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Hey guys,

My game Gladiators is coming along well; testing continues apace and we found a good place to get art done. What I would like to know is basic, but very important:

How can we use Board Game Geek to raise awareness of our game?

I'd like to know when to create an entry for our game (before it's out? Just after? wait until we have a website where we can sell our game?), how best to show the game off (should we send a copy to someone on the site?) and whether to advertise with them.

If you guys could give me pointers, or point me to articles or posts that answer these questions, I'd appreciate it.


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From what I have seen, as

From what I have seen, as long as you basically have the rules done, you can create an entry on BGG. I don't think they like to have unfinished games submitted, but those close to completion are okay (see The Guns of Gettysburg, among others).

I am not sure how to get Tom Vasel to review your game, but he is the guy to do it if you have the choice. Check him out at BGG and to see about getting him to look at your game. I am not sure what the procedure is, but I am sure you can find it if you check around, or even ask him.

As far as your other questions, I have little knowledge. Getting a picture on the front page will definitely help, but that will take a good picture and a little luck. Sometimes games pop up on The Hotness for random reasons - picture, review, etc. Getting on The Hotness will really help.

You could post info about your game in the Game Design Forum on that site, and that should generate some buzz.

Sorry for the disjointed nature of this post. Good Luck.

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My personal suggestion is

My personal suggestion is that when you have a complete working and tested game, you should submit on BGG. Then while you start the production process, you will attract people.

If you submit too soon, you are not entirely sure that your game is going to make it to the end. In my point of view, it is frustrating to stumble on game entries that will never be published because it was simply a game idea project that never made it to the end.

While if the game is working, it is less than likely that a designer decides not to produce the game.

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There are several things you

There are several things you can do on BGG to drum up awareness. After teh game is done you can send out revu copys to people who revu´s the game (Tom on the dicetower is one such person). You can make your own "how to play" vidio and post that.

Write difrent geeklists, add your game to already existing geeklists (thees thing will often not create that much buzz but put together it should be ok).

A big thing to do is create a give away cotest. That way you can get people to read trough the rules, look through your website and such things.

Finaly I would recomend writing a design diary for your game (if you have trouble doing so tehre are several already online, one realy good one is stringhold. The design diary for that game was realy good) and submit it to Erik Martin (he is in charge of board game news on BGG). or if you are in luck you might have your own contackt person, but this is not likley seeing you are a new company (for instance I am such a person for severl companys).

I hope this helps.

Best regards

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