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When is the right time to create an entry on BGG?

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Hello folks. Long time lurker, 2nd time poster.

Not sure if this is the right section for this post.

My game is still in development but the core rule set is just about hammered out and I will begin blind playtests soon. I'd like to start getting some feedback from other gamers on my game and rulebook and even use BGG to organise some of those blind playtests.

I wanted to get opinions on where in the design process people feel is the right time to submit an entry for your game to Boardgamegeek. Entries seem to run the gamut from pre-prototype to fully published and everything in between and I'm just looking to get an idea of where in that range you think is best.


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I don't put any of my

I don't put any of my prototypes on BGG, some people put all of them up. So really it's your call. I'd say if you have a REASON to put it up (for instance, marketing, feedback, or wanting to get your super-cool game name "on the books"), then put it up.

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