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Where do I find graphic designers

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Admiral Lazarev
Joined: 08/16/2017

My game is ready for a prototype except I don't know where to look for a graphics designer for my cards. I really want them to look nice but I don't know how to find a graphic designer or how much they cost.

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Joined: 12/26/2009
Other resources

League of Gamemakers wrote a blog about this and there is a forum on Boardgamegeek all about finding game graphic designers (and artists).

For actual art assets, and samples work for artists and graphic designers, check out The Game Crafter's Art Assets section.

You can also post a request in the publishing forum

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Joined: 04/16/2011
You don't need a graphic designer for a Prototype

For a prototype, you should be able to make "Black & White" cards, they could be hand-written or maybe using Illustrator (or some graphic software). The idea is that they are for a "prototype".

Get a Graphic Designer once you have "playtested" the game enough times. And you have worked out all of the tiny problems and have all of the details...

Once you do that, you have two (2) options:

1. Submit your "rough" prototype to a Publisher.
2. Decide to "Self-Publish" your game.

Option 1. the Publisher will take the "Prototype" and pay you a royalty and then transform the game into it's final version with their Graphic Designers and Artists.

Option 2. will force you to HIRE and PAY for a Graphic Designer and Illustrator (Artist), maybe even a Creative Writer (if you want some World-Building done too). You'll be responsible for getting quotes for manufacturing the game. You'll have to Kickstart the game and hope to be successful... Then comes fulfillment and shipping games to backers (logistics) which you'll have to figure out.

Option 2 MAY make you more money. But there is a LOT of details and things to know to be able to "make it happen".

Option 1 is the Publisher pays you a Royalty and then they handle the production of the game. Maybe if you are lucky and they include you in the process too...

Work on the GAME FIRST. It's got to be REALLY GOOD. And for that to happen you need to playtest a LOT. And the game needs enough cohesion and strategic depth that people will have FUN playing the game.

Focus on all of that FIRST. Cheers!

Admiral Lazarev
Joined: 08/16/2017
All right you convinced me ;)

Ok on second thought I should still probably playtest some more. As of know I've only had my family and friends playtest it. Do you know where I could get it out to lots of people even though it's still in its index card form?

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Joined: 04/16/2011
Some ideas...

Admiral Lazarev wrote:
Ok on second thought I should still probably playtest some more. As of know I've only had my family and friends playtest it. Do you know where I could get it out to lots of people even though it's still in its index card form?

Are there any FLGS around your home? FLGS = "Friendly Local Game Store"

Sometimes it's like a Magic (MTG) Store... Go into there and ask if there is a Board Gamer Community. Or visit an FLGS and see if you could schedule a demo with other players.

Meetups are another resource for Gaming Groups. Local Universities or Colleges also have clubs and could also have a Board Game Group.

Visit and see if there are any Board Game related groups near your home...

And if the "index cards" can be transformed into "Black & White" printed cards... That could take it one-step further in it's journey...

Like I said, you're going to have to decide IF you want to "Try a Publisher" or go the "Self-Publishing" route. You still have time to think about that... And we can weight the PROs and CONs at a later time...

The Game Crafter
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Joined: 06/09/2009
Artists & Graphic Designers

The Game Crafter community now has 160,000 users and there are many artists, illustrators, and graphic designers.

Here are some great places to find artists, illustrators, and graphic designers:

1. The Game Crafter General Chat channel - visit and create a user account (if you don't already have one). Next, sign in with your account and then click on chat in the bottom right corner and choose the General Chat channel. There are always lots of community members in there chatting about game design, how to use TGC's website, art, design, and more. If you ask around in there you'll run into several artists and graphic designers. Many of whom are looking for new projects.

2. We have a featured artists/illustrator page at

3. We have a featured graphic designer page at

#2 and #3 resources are relatively new and we're still building out the lists. However, the folks on those pages have worked on past game projects that have been published on The Game Crafter and are knowledgable. Which may be something you want if you decide to use The Game Crafter for prototypes, reviewer copies, or short run printing.

Hope that helps!

Joined: 01/27/2017
Depending of where you are

Speaking of playtesting... If you live in a big (or weird) enough city, you may be able to find dedicated playtesting groups. As an example, I found one in New York City that meets alternately in Brooklyn and Manhattan.

(They should just simplify everything and meet at the midpoint of the Brooklyn Bridge's pedestrian path...)

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Joined: 07/10/2017

Self publishing a game is extremely easy! I’m doing it myself now! Try and set adside some other advice while reading this.

1) You don’t always need art, but if you want it. A: Draw it yourself. 2: Hire some artist.
E: Have a friend draw it for you. and 7: Don’t have art.

B) If you’re dedicated enough, you won’t have to higher a writer. Writing is extremely easy and only toddlers can’t write. My opinion, never hire a writer. Do it yourself.

77) Always have fun!

Elliot Brooks
Twin Eagle Graphics
Independent Game Studio

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Graphic designer Available

Hi there!

I am new here and just saw this post which is an old one, but just putting my message out there.

I am a freelance graphic designer & illustrator with a little spark of madness. I specialise in narrative illustrations and print design. I am available to help you out for all your print material for your board game, such as rules book, cards layout, boxes design as well as the packaging of your box. I would be happy to help anyone who is looking for clean, elegant and minimalist graphic design as well as modern and bold illustrations. I would like to inspire people's dream thanks to storytelling and craftsmanship, so if your dream is your very own board game, reach out!

Here is my portfolio

A few facts about me:
I love hanging out in Museums' souvenir shops, book shops and stationery shops.
I love admiring board game's design while playing.
I love crafting little boxes and playing around with paper.

Joined: 12/19/2017
Yeah definitely do it

Yeah definitely do it yourself for a prototype. Doing it by hand is one way but if you have a basic understanding of Photoshop or other image editing tool you can easily create decent cards. Personally I use a card creating program called MultiDeck for my Mac. It makes iterating the cards much faster and easier than doing new cards by hand every time. You just create a template and the program fills all the cards in with the info you type up in a spreadsheet.

As far as graphics go this website is great for finding free icons to use on card prototypes as well. And if you need images just grab them online. It's a prototype so it doesn't have to look pretty. Just needs to be playable.

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Joined: 01/23/2018
ddiaz28 wrote:As far as

ddiaz28 wrote:
As far as graphics go this website is great for finding free icons to use on card prototypes as well. And if you need images just grab them online.

That's a CHEAP service, but it doesn't look like it's a FREE service.

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