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Which print on demand company can produce 200 gameboxes?

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I am looking for a company who can produce 200 telescoping boxes for a small printrun of 200 copies in full color.
The size of the box is not that important, anything between A4 and A5 is ok. The most important thing is that the box is of some quality and
affordable. I have found but they were dodgy in their communication to say the least so I don't thrust them with an oversees order. Can someone give me some alternatives?
Europe, US, Asia?

Thanks in advance,


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Check out . . .

Paragon Packaging, perhaps?

I have them bookmarked for some reason, and have no idea if they are good or not.

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Box Price

You're not going to get anything approaching a reasonable unit price until you look at 2000+ volume - at least for telescoping game boxes. And then you're going to be shipping alot of air because they're already full size when made. At volumes of 200 you can look at one piece, diecut mailing boxes - like ULine or Papermart sells. There's also a place out there that will make one-piece boxes in a few colors without a huge setup fee - sort of like Columbia games uses.

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yup, choose 2: -low cost -low

yup, choose 2:

-low cost
-low print run
-good looking packaging

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A possibility I am

A possibility I am considering is a "sleave box". I saw guild of Blades are doing them, but their communication is rather dodgy.
If anyone knows another company who produces these type of boxes, please let me know.

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We don't do sleeves so much

We don't do sleeves so much as "wraps".

Sleeves go over the box but can be slid off. We print wraps which get attached directly to a blank box, wrapped around it, then glued down to itself and the box.

Our communications have been a bit slow as of late. Especially this December as the holiday season more than doubled our sales at the retail store compared to our average month. We remain fairly backed up on POD orders as well and are working to get caught up on those also.

GOB Retail
GOB Publishing

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Thanks Ryan for the

Thanks Ryan for the reply.
Really appreciate it.

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Boxes! Boxes here! Get yer red hot boxes here!

Most cost effective is to do it yourself - and it won't be telescoping. Go to your local UPS or shipping store and check the shipping boxes they have there.

You can order bulk online here-\FullNav\Storebuilder_Type1.html

You might also try these-

The only problem with these boxes is - you have to make your own labels. Which is a two edged sword. You have to do it yourself - but you have complete control over what the label looks like. For labels, you simply go to your local office supply store and buy whatever AVERY / generic label size you need for your boxes. This route will put your game in a decent box for $1 - $2 total. If you can get a better deal than that for 100-200 print run - take it!

Did I mention getting your own laser printer to do your labels with? You can pick up this SAMSUNG CLP-300 on ebay for $110-

You can usually find this little gem for $120-$200. You can also usually find a complete set of ink toner carts there for $60. Compare that to getting your color printing done at your local print shop. I did my rulebooks and two color inserts for the $150 it cost me to BUY the printer/ink compared to paying the local printer $400 to do it for me.

And I still have the printer and some ink left. ;-)

Joined: 11/13/2009
Again, thanks for the

Again, thanks for the suggestion.
Certainly somethin worth to consider.

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