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Who accepts Trivia games submissions?

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Great friends

Can anyone tell me who publishes Trivia games and accepts Trivia game submissions, please?

I want to submit my game one of a few I invented back in the late 80s which by now should have made me 20 million or so but alas such is my cursed life I am having trying to make money LOL

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Weird.. I too should've made

Weird.. I too should've made 20 million :)

You're looking for a publisher for a completed trivia game? Those usually are more mainstream, so I'd look at the publishers of the Big Games, like Trivial Pursuit.. no idea how hard it is to pitch there, though. I'd think pretty hard.

Especially if it's trivia from 1988 and earlier ;)

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Cardboard Edison

If you are a patron subscriber to cardboard Edison they have a pretty big list of publishers, who’s looking for games, & what type of games they are looking for

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