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XTG3 = Designed for Expansion!

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I should post this up "regularly" since the pool of designers changes with new people "arriving" and other members "leaving" so to speak...

On Board Game Geek, I have setup the page for the XTG3 "Family" of games:

If you read the XTG3 mission statement in the description, you get an idea about HOW a game is "designed for change and expansion". "TradeWorlds" is the pilot game for this project -- and I will eventually be investing more money in getting the EULA written by a real lawyer.

Why and where would you use XTG3 Branding?

If you consider that your game is a LCG "Living Card Game", Fantasy Flight Games (FFG) has copyrighted this term and it may only be used with the explicit consent of FFG. XTG3 offers similar branding for "core" and "expansions". But it is also inclusive of "Board Games" which are not Card Games (as per FFG LCG notation).

XTG3 serves a purpose to allow game to BRAND themselves with the XTG logos for "core" and "expansions" products. It will allow three (3) levels of licensing and Game Authors/Designers can update their license model as they see fit.

Anyway if you want to learn more about XTG3 Branding and it's positive benefits (and please not unlike FFG - this is an Open Branding which is used to highlight products in this Family), please respond/comment/PM/etc. whatever works best for you.

I'll bump this thread every now and then... Since it would be COOL to have more products/games using the XTG3 Branding. A positive step forwards in the availability of games "designed for change".


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