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Your top 5 Board Game reviewers.

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There comes a time in a game developer's life when their game is almost complete and ready to ship. Their fingers get itchy to write dozens of "HEY GUYS IT'S READY" emails. Maybe does a little hot-foot shuffle in anticipation. Bursting at the seams, ready to flail wildly and tell everyone what amazing thing is about to be unleashed on the world.

But there's only so much flailing you can do before you get tired. There's only so much shout any one person has in them.

So when it comes to time to start telling people about your game, you want to use your energy and time effectively.
Target the good guys.
Talk to people who will get excited about your game.
Hit the world in it's market sensitive nether-regions.

Who are you going to email? Who do you want to send review copies to? Or preview copies for that matter (if you have the endurance to hold off from popping that Game Shipped champagne you have waiting in your cupboard)?

So - my question to you, fine BGDFers - who do (or will) you contact? Who are your top five communities, interviewers, reviewers and websites to hit up and say "Hey, I just made this great thing. Want a copy?"

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Amazing question

I love this question!

I am still so new to the whole board game community that I don't have an answer. I don't know who the players are...and my game is SO FAR away from being complete that I have time to learn.

That being said, I have a feeling that this will become a thread to keep a close eye on, research replies, and print for later reference.

I am learning so much from this site, I can't wait to learn a little more now!


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Thanks Brad. Agreed, the BGDF

Thanks Brad. Agreed, the BGDF is a great resource with access to some awesome people.

I'm looking forward to hearing other replies to this as well.

For what it's worth, I haven't yet done my research in this area, but these are some sites I've picked up along the way so far - some reviewers, some general news:

The Dice Tower -
Father Geek -
Purple Pawn -
The Gamers Table -

Mike Young
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Father Geek

Father Geek has done well by me. He's reviewed two of my games, one review netted a couple of sales. The other review helped a publisher decide to pick up the game.

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Great to hear Mike! I'm

Great to hear Mike! I'm hoping to get a copy of Halfling Heist to Father Geek in due time, see if his little geeks like the Halflings. =)

Has anyone had any success with high profile non-boardgame sites like Wired's Geek Dad, or the tabletop players at Rock Paper Shotgun? I'd be interested to know if sites with that level of traffic have an effect on indie game sales, given that it's an interested but not targeted audience.

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