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aliens and magic - good theme?

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I'm working on a dartboard strategy game. I want to make it for people who already love darts and board games and for the ones that wouldn't mind trying it if it looks interesting . The game is going to be somewhat complicated, not a party game. It's designed for kids 18 years and older, since it's includes darts, which are sharp object.

Basically, the game is about taking over the dartboard that is divided in to 19 hexagons. Different hexagons give players various advantages. Taking over hexagons is done by throwing darts at them. The one who picks the best strategy(order in which to take over the board) and have the superior dart throwing skill wins the game.

I'm thinking to pick as a theme aliens vs fantasy world war. Aliens ships are the darts, the dartboard is the middle age world with magic. Hexagons are towers, magic gardens etc. that empower aliens ships. Btw alien ships gonna look like darts and land by penetrating the ground and destroying everything on its way.

So I like the idea of this theme and it works pretty good with the game mechanics. But the theme of aliens and magic is very clashing because very many people, who love fantasy and magic, hate aliens and visa verse. So I can loose potential board game fans from both sides.

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Trust in your game design senses

Hello HarryPotter,

I like your theme of aliens and fantasy. The most tedious scenarios nowadays are either sci-fi-star-wars-conflicts or these dime-a-dozen tolkienesque fantasy-worlds. Any game which goes beyond this narrow thematical setting surely has my attention :-)

I do not hate neither aliens, nor magic. Bear in mind that the setting can easily be switched. Even though the opinion of your test "people" is surely interesting and important that you find something appealing to your taste and the core idea of your game design. That mixing of genres is surely not everone's cup of tea, but I find it refreshing. Do not let an interesting theme fall out of consideration only because few people find it unusual.

Honestly, I would prefer any Cowboys vs.Aliens or Ninjas vs.Pirates or Robots vs. Wizards version over the beaten-to-death fantasy setting you see in every hobby game store.

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Hey Crensh3000ad, Thank you

Hey Crensh3000ad,

Thank you for your support. I'm still working on the theme and want make this bland of aliens and magic very smooth. I'm thinking of using the idea that our planet is flat(just like any dartboard) and situated on the top of the elephants and the turtle. So it's going to be ancient world and the aliens them self are gonna fit that universe. So it's definitely is gonna stand out and be refreshing.

I posted the detailed story on how the theme have been created in my journal:

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