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Card Design input for Math Numbers?

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So in a math game I am making, I've been throwing around the idea of having the math numbers and symbols look like things, theme it like animals or nature things or whatever. I'm split over making the numbers look like something else, say like animals, because that would just look nice - but it doesn't really add anything to the game, but numbers seem so sterile (thinking like UNO cards or Skipbo, etc...).

I guess I was hoping that it would be for both kids and adults but adding the figured numbers would make it too "kiddy." Maybe it depends on how the art work for the numbers come out.... I could request that they aren't cartoony but still interesting. I know this is a bit of rambling, but if you have any input id love to hear it.

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Does your game have a

Does your game have a particular theme right now that you're trying to convey?

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No it doesn't. I think i'm

No it doesn't. I think i'm trying to determine if adding a theme will limit the target audience, or distract from the numbers themselves.

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Your theme should reflect

Your theme should reflect your gameplay and vice versa. So if the theme adds nothing other than visual aspects, I'd say leave it as is. :)

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If you clarify your statement

If you clarify your statement about the game being for kids or adults, maybe it would become clearer. Is this a game primarily for reinforcing math skills? In my mind this would primarily be played by children with their parents. It might be useful to make the cards a little more playful in order to keep the children's attention . But make sure the numbers are clearly recognizeable.

If on the other hand this is a 'game' game that happens to involve math, you may not want to make the theme too nursery or romper-room if you really want adults to play the game among themselves . just my thinking.

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Check out Gravwell, they do

Check out Gravwell, they do some cool stuff with cards that are basically just a couple of letters:

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A spoonful of sugar makes the

A spoonful of sugar makes the medicine go down? Theming it will make it more appealing to kids or adults. There is a great trend in contemporary cartoons to appeal to a wider audience than just kids. I still love wtching Phineas and Ferb with my eight year old.

Just numbers and symbols is going to read as just a teaching tool and may be valued compared to say flash cards.

But don't just make it pretty with pictures, give it a theme that is fun and drives the game and engages.

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Thanks for the great input, it gives me something more to think about. I like the Gravwell look, nice, simple and clean. I'll probably talk to some artist friends and see if they can come up with a better "look" than I had.

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