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Currency and VP Naming!

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Hi there! My game recently shifted from one theme to a more fitting theme and I'm having trouble finding names for a couple components: In-game Currency and Victory Point/Score.

The game is based in two planes, a physical and a spiritual, with the physical plane being an overhead, 2D view of our solar system. Players vie for positions in orbit around the Sun as they gain points and move their spiritual self closer to the spiritual and physical iterations of the Sun, and the player with the most VP (on the scoring board, the player closest to the Sun) wins the game.

With this in mind, each player plays as a planet in the Solar System, and use spiritual aspects of constellations to try to best other players and gain the Sun's Favor, prompting me to come up with a WIP name for Victory Points:


But the people that I've tested the game with aren't particularly in love with the word Favor as Victory Points, so I was wanting to see if anyone had a better idea than Favor!

For currency, I have no clue what to name it. You use currency as a sort of Mana to buy more constellation spirits to fight with, and you gain currency when you kill an enemy constellation. I was thinking:

Dust, Stars, Stardust, Comets, Meteors, Essence

My favorite of that group is Stars, but it seems a little sketchy, as stars are realistically much larger than Planets, but it would be more of a theme iteration of stars. On another note, players move using Action Points, but in this game, those AP are called Energy, so I'm predisposed to avoiding Essence to avoid confusion between the two. As it stands, the players gain "Coins" as currency, and I use coins from Machi Koro, but I'd like to amend that and use small plastic pieces for a more tangible aspect to the game.

Thanks for the time and input!


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You could give it a musical

You could give it a musical twist:

Maybe call the currency Octaves to correspond with the Ray of Creation cosmology.

It sounds esoteric, so maybe you could use the Gnostic term, Pleroma, for VP.

Really, from the thematic description you've given, there is plenty of esoteric cosmology to mine for terms and window dressing.

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Victory Points:
- Light (or Luminance, or Enlightenment)
- Gravity (or Gravitas)
- Life (as in, the ability to sustain life on the planet)

- Stardust

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