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Finding artists and cost?

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Hey, so I'm at the point in my game's design where I am in need of artwork. I'm not exactly sure where to look, I found a coworker who does work that perfectly fits the theme, but it would only be for some of the art and the price would be about 350$ which is a steep price for what would amount to 4 character portraits.

Anyone have any suggestions other then scrolling through deviant art?

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Assuming doing it yourself isn't an option I'd just lift images you like and use them as placeholder as you search for an artist. That way you can give them reference to work off when the time comes for them to make something.

Unfortunately browsing DA might be one of your best options if you're looking for someone to contract. has even better artists lurking about, some of whom are looking to start collaborations.

Get ready to hear "I'd love to help you, if only I wasn't already working on something :<". I basically gave up trying to convert RED into a videogame entirely because all the programmers I knew gave me that exact line word for word and I wasn't about to teach myself Pearl.

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What's the theme and style

What's the theme and style you're looking for?

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Just doing this myself,

Just doing this myself, Freelancer is a great place to find artists.

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Perseverance is Key

You have to hang tough at this stage, it'll work out. Set your limit and then find someone who will do it for that, don't let them run the cost up. You need to be flexible, but so do they.

And when you think you have the right person, don't be surprised if it doesn't work out. It takes a long time to find the right person!

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tiles and cards

I need artwork for tiles (ala forbidden island or betrayal at house on the hill). I also need the artwork for all of the cards that would be used, theme would preferably be black and white, looking like someone's journal pages. The tiles I'm not sure exactly how I'd want them to look, not like journal pages obviously, but not cartoon/fantasy-esque as the games mentioned.

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Back to the OP

Actually $350 for 4 character portraits is a *reasonable* amount to be paid for such a small volume of illustrations. You could probably get that with a professional artist provided you were asking for something like 50 pieces of artwork. It may seem steep to you, but I assure you for a small amount of custom artwork the going rate is about $100 per illustration.

So you're not doing any volume and you're getting a cheaper price. I would see if you could negotiate a better price considering you would be doing MORE pieces of artwork (like tiles and artwork). Maybe you could get the price down to $65 dollars per piece...

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BoardGameGeek has a forum

BoardGameGeek has a forum where you can look for artists.
If you have some specific skill yourself, like rulebook writing or editing, you can offer your services in return to lower the price.

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I have sent you a private

I have sent you a private message with a gallery of my work, which turns out to be mainly b/w art. Just letting you know in case you didn´t see it. If you did and you were not interested, then it´s fine too :)

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